Galerie b2

Exhibition view

The exhibition Descriptions of it are incomplete showcases materials extracted
from the working process of the gallery artists. The installation mirrors the status
quo between seeking and and finding solutions. Some works are the product of
a first impulse, others are requiring final touches and decisions – to finish or
discard? And there are things and byproducts that claim their space within the
work and thought process.
The exhibition Descriptions of it are incomplete is to be read as an experiment
and an inquiry into how to handle these not yet fully aesthetically defined
objects. The b2_ gallery space turns into a space of possibilities and potentiality

Exhibition view
Heide Nord, Exhibition view
Hubert Becker, Exhibition view
Bea Meyer, exhibition view
Verena Winkelmann, Exhibition view
Doris Frohnapfel, exhibition view
Katharina Immekus, exhibition view
Selma van Panhuis, exhibition view
Caroline Hake, exhibition view
VIP, exhibition view
Christian Schellenberger, exhibition view
Anna Vovan (on the table and right on the wall), Exhibition view
Hayahisa Tomiyasu, (small picture right below from VIP), Exhibition view
Benjamin Dittrich, exhibition view