Galerie b2

Nicht gelungen, but take it easy (Not succeeded, but take it easy), 2022
video installation; Videoloop HD, metal, plaster
Vermissen dauert, 2022, intervention; plaster, ink, oil on canvas;
painting: Don't like you anymore, 2022
Oil on canvas
Vermissen dauert, 2022, intervention; plaster, ink, oil on canvas;
painting: Don‘t tell me I‘m close to you, 2022
Oil on canvas
Vermissen ist nicht wie Warten (Missing is not like waiting), 2022
pedestal on plaster, ink on paper, ink on photos, glass, flour

We are delighted to present the first solo exhibition of Carolina Pérez Pallares at Gallery b2_. Throughout her artistic practice, Carolina Pérez Pallares constantly re-examines both the general and her personal conception of painting. Here, the painting is liberated from the canvas and understood as a culturally shaped process that is composed of a wide variety of components. In the exhibition „Die Farbe teilt ihre ungerecht Haltung“ („The color shares its unjust attitude“) these components are examined in five works. The material, e.g. the image carrier, binder and pigments, are just as much the focus of attention as production aspects, e.g. artistic trace or role and self-images of the artist, or reception aspects such as the social understanding of painting and the relationship of painting to other disciplines of the fine arts. Through a consistently straight formal language, Carolina Pérez Pallares thus succeeds in reflecting and sensitively presenting the contemporary concept of painting.

Die Farbe teilt ihre ungerechte Haltung (The color shares its unjust attitude)
intervention, ink on plaster

For more information on the work of Carolina Pérez-Pallares, please see her online portfolio

Vermissen dauert länger (Missing lasts longer), 2022
plaster, wood, ink on Fimo; paper works