Galerie b2

Gruppenausstellung mit Arbeiten von Hubert Becker, Benjamin Dittrich, Caroline Hake, Michael Hahn, Tobias Hild, Timo Hinze, Katharina Immekus, Anna M. Kempe, Romy Julia Kroppe, Bea Meyer, Heide Nord, Selma van Panhuis, Karoline Schneider, Hayahisa Tomiyasu, Anna Vovan und Verena Winkelmann


It won’t get any better: while being in this dim, gloomy (and therefore definitly eerie appearing) place, they meet a sinister figure. And this while living in these days, in which not only theory proclaims “endless diagnoses of death: death of ideologies (Lyotard); of industrial society (Bell); of the real (Baudrilliard); of authorship (Barthes); of man (Foucault); of history (Kojéve)”1, but also confederations fall apart, cold and hot wars prevail the news, nature is presenting one summer of the century after another and the narrative of human progress is getting doubtful again. The protagonists are looking at the situation they are in. No dark clouds will be gathering, because soon there will be no clouds anymore. Nobody will shiver, because temperature is rising. The Future? Sinister, but rather cheerful also. While the figure approaches, the group is divided by the question if they should react “celebratory (…) or melancholic”2 or observantly distant. Maybe they should do all this simultaneously, as a mutual act. In this situation some of them might think, that this could be that kind of darkness, which one get’s wrapped into on a late summers night, while even mosquitoes turned into pleasant decoration and everybody is blissfully waiting for the next promising day soon to rise.

1 Yves-Alain Bois: Painting: The Task of Mourning. In: Yves-Alain Bois: Painting as Model, S. 229
2 Ibid.

Benjamin Dittrich
SUE5, 2018
Lack auf Leinwand
100x70 cm
Timo Hinze
Laufband, 2015
80x126 cm
Romy Julia Kroppe
Faoeta, 2016
Acryl, Acryltransfer auf Papier
220x150 cm
Anna Kempe
ihr vertrauen: tuch, 2018
Aquarell auf Papier
147x106 cm
Selma van Panhuis
untitled/from the series blushing fields, 2019
Monotypie auf Hahnemühle Kupferdruckpapier
29x19,5 cm
Karoline Schneider
No Rules, 2013
50x70 cm
Anna Vovan
Wolke (IMG_3264/IMG_3275/IMG_3313_invertiert), 2014
digitaler C-Print
80x60 cm
Verena Winkelmann
Kröte, 2019
Pigment Druck
54x71 cm
Heide Nord
I used to work in a club, where they never came to dance, 2014
6 Blätter zur Wertigkeit von Kultur für das alltägliche Glücksempfinden
der Bevölkerung und ihre staatliche Förderung
Monotypie, Öl auf Papier
je 29,7x21 cm
Heide Nord
Agonie des Realen, 2019
laminierter Digitaldruck
125x185 cm
Hayahisa Tomiyasu
Brand 2, 2015/2019
Pigment Druck
60x40 cm