Galerie b2

anything left to do

On the occasion of the 18th anniversary, the artists of the b2_ gallery have dedicated the last months to conversations, discussions and workshops about the future of the gallery, about being and working together, and about strategic decisions. Often we have met at the table of the gallery’s office and thought together about what still needs to be done.

With a small exhibition in this very space, our process of reflection is now extended to the level of our artists‘ works. We invite you to look with us at who we are, what we do, and think about how to move forward. What is clear is that we look forward to what is to be discovered, improved, renewed, created!

Caroline Hake, AMR, 2022
59,4×42 cm
Hubert Becker, Venedig 72 (nach Gerhard Richter), 2006
object (barite deduction, frame)
18,5x26,5 cm
Anna Vovan, Atem (7)
c-print of the projected object
40×30 cm
Christian Bär, Dickicht, 2023
oil on canvas
60×50 cm
Doris Frohnapfel, Zelt-Piazza di Spagna, 2021
Sepia ink, canson mixed media cardboard
35×28 cm
Micha Hahn, Bad Dreams Are Good , 2019
wood, plastic, plant leaf
27×15×15 cm
Tobias Hild, Hollywood Square, 2023
oil on canvas
56×44 cm
Selma van Panhuis, o.T., 2023
tempera on cotton
50×40 cm
Timo Hinze, erstmal sehen (Corona), 2023
archive print
30×21 cm
Heide Nord, Hey Moon, 2021
acrylic glass, foil, pvc base
Carolina Pérez Pallares, always this stranger visitors - Green, 2022
20:34 min Video Loop HD
Anna Kempe, Dieses Jahr, 2023
watercolor on paper
66,3×46,3 cm
Romy Julia Kroppe, treppewild, 2022
watercolor, acrylic paint, marker
33×24 cm