Galerie b2

Vergissmeinnicht, 2008, Oil/ Eggtempera on canvas, 190 x 160 cm
Honug II, 2008, Oil/Eggtempera on canvas, 220 x 270 cm
Sweet Home, 2008, Oil/ Eggtempera on canvas, 130 x 110 cm, framed

When movement suddenly disintegrates and the past disappears, when places are abandoned and the human comedy preserved in honey, then terminal moments remain – lethargic and of an impeccable stillness. These pictures’ haptic surfaces are like the living skins encasing such moments. The viewer is transported to a state in which colour again responds to movement.
Liviu Dalateanu

Honey is a natural foodstuff produced by honeybees for their own food supply. The collected plant nectar and honeydew are enriched with the bees’ endogenous enzymes and subsequently stored in honeycombs. The ensuing maturation and reduction of water content account for a high intensity. The high sugar content prevents bacteria and other microorganisms from reproducing. The viscosity of honey ranges from runny to creamy and firm.

Luftpost, 2008, Oil/ Eggtempera on canvas, 250 x 210 cm
Waschung II. 2008, Oil/ Eggtempera on canvas, 190 x 110 cm,