Galerie b2

Four years ago Katharina Immekus opened Galerie Parkhaus in the Department of Architecture at the TU Darmstadt. As part of her teaching concept, 18 exhibitions with changing themes have taken place since then. In addition to many exhibitions of the students, external artists were invited, the art collection of Katharina Immekus and her former art dealer Michael Grzesiak was shown, or an exhibition of record covers was held. The Galerie Parkhaus and its operators meet every Monday at 7 pm. About 15 students, as well as Mira Lüssow, the assistant of the Department of Visual Design and Prof. Katharina Immekus, organize the exhibition program, make their own pictures and models, put up and take down works, plan the openings, write texts and discuss works and exhibition ideas. Sometimes a film is watched or a walk is taken – after 4 years of existence of the Gallery Parkhaus, Katharina Immekus and many of the students feel very connected to the place and the atmosphere of the space. Katharina Immekus, artist of the gallery b2_ in Leipzig, will give away her solo show slot to present the “best of“ Galerie Parkhaus. Together with the students, they developed and organized an extensive exhibition, which will primarily focus on the many linocuts created by the students.

Happening 140×100 cm
o.T. 104×67 cm
o.T. 77×101 cm
o.T. 47×71 cm, o.T. 102×73 cm
o.T. 47×71 cm
61×55 cm