Galerie b2

The exhibtion includes 366 drawings which the artist developped from February 17th 2009 to February 17th 2010. All drawings have the same format and are presented as one block in chronological order.
Varying between color and black and white and with very different motifs, they allow an intimate insight into the interests, observations and states of mind of the artist.

Besides the numerous drawings Katharina Immekus shows three large scale linocuts whose motifs originate from the view out of her window and her daily walk with her dog. In contrast with the colorful image diary, Immekus took photographs with archival film-stock which were used as high-contrast source images for her lino cuts.

TÄGLICH, 2009-2010
366 DIN A4 drawings
TÄGLICH 29.12.09, 2009-2010
27,9 x 21 cm