Galerie b2

it was on Sunday August 14th, 2011 that i took a walk around 3 p.m.
Down Tarostraße, then Straße des 18. Otkober.
While i was turning the corner of the German National Library veering into
Curiestraße, i came across a fox.
From my angle i could see the right side of its body.
The distance between us was rather short.
it probably did not notice me or chose to ignore my presence.
it’s eyes were closed and it was sniffing the stones between the sidewalk and the adjacent lawn.
There was a “Do Not Enter” sign a couple of feet away on the sidewalk.
Then it squatted in the grass, tilted its head to the left and back again slowly.
it kept its eyes closed and did its business.
Upon finishing it rightened up and speedily proceeded towards the nearby shrubbery.
Shortly before vanishing into the bushes it stopped and glanced in my direction.
The tip of its tail was glowing white.
On the morning of August 30th, 2011 i got up and looked out the window first thing.
My room was on the 8th floor looking south.
in front of the building was an athletic field.
Located on the right was an indoor swimming pool and a small soccer field, adjacent to a gym.
To the left there was a sand pit, a running track, another larger soccer field and a ping pong table.
i spotted a fox on the athletic field, calmly crossing the sand pit and the running track.
He stopped right before passing the ping pong table and lifted its head to look at it.
Then he went on and left the field.
Ever since then i have frequently been waiting for it from the window, but it never appeared again.
Slowly but surely i started to observe the ping pong table.

Translation: Lukas Holldorf & Kathleen Krol