Oliver Kossack
Installation view, 2005
Galerie b2_

The artist-run gallery b2_ was founded in 2005 as a place for artistic self-organisation and and self-determination. Since then, it has has been unique in Leipzig’s gallery landscape with its uncompromising exhibitions. Through the democratic, non-hierarchical organisation and the self-determined actions of the artists, we move decidedly on the crossroads between off-space and commercial gallery; we conduct an independent organic discourse, work on a progressive exhibition practice and see ourselves as a place of artistic innovation and reflection. Gallery b2_ developed itself as a platform for art enthusiasts, colleagues and collectors of contemporary art, combining art education, art market and democratic participation.

Galerie b2_ GbR

Artists of the Galerie

Johannes Listewnik – Director

Paula Geise – Assistant

Spinnereistrasse 7, Gebäude 20
04179 Leipzig

Wed–Fri 2–6 p.m.
Sat 11 a.m.–4 p.m.
and on appointment

+49 163 76 37 860

Heide Nord
Installation view, 2021
Galerie b2_

Former Artits

Nicolai Angelov
Piotr Baran
Benjamin Dittrich
Anke Dyes
Jay Gard
Stefan Fischer
Mark Hamilton
Paule Hammer
Katrin Heichel
Stephanie Kiwitt
Oliver Kossack
Hans-Christian Lotz
Bastian Muhr
Marion Porten
Christian Schellenberger
Cindy Schmiedichen
Daniel Schörnig
Kristina Schuldt
Tina Schulz
Hayahisa Tomiyasu
Markus Uhr

Former directors

Torsten Hinz
Michael Grzesiak
Ludwig Henne
Gereon Rahnfeld
Lucas Holldorf
Olga Vostretsova
Wayra Schübel
Lea Kontak & Vittoria Castiglione

Former assistants

Eleonora Nanu
Jolanda Heying
Karla Lou Mau
Libia Caballero Bastidas
Elena Wein
Maria Boccarusso
Jan Lessmann
Johannes Unger