Heide Nord
Hey have a nice life!#1,7 parts, 2019
lacquered wood
dimensions variable

Artists of Galerie b2_ at Spriten Kunsthall, Skien, Norway

Anna M. Kempe
Shared Time, 2020
Watercolour on Paper
100 x 100 cm
Verena Winkelmann
1998-2000 #24, 2021
archival inkjet print
120,7 × 80,6
Carolina Pérez Pallares
Always this strange visitor (series blue), 27,44 min, Video Loop from a 2021 Skype Video chat
at the back: Hubert Becker
Springkraut (Blossfeld), 2004, Inkjet Print, 42,0 x 32,0 cm
Riedgras (Blossfeld), 2011, Inkjet Print, 41,4 x 31,5 cm
Männertreu (Blossfeld), 2012, Inkjet Print, 41,5 x 30,5 cm
Weisse Zaunrübe (Blossfeld), 2012, Inkjet Print, 41,5 x 30,0 cm
Karoline Schneider
Snedan z plon (breakfast with plon), 2021
glazed ceramics
porcelain, chalk, poplar, milk powder, millet, sugar
50 x 100 x 180 cm

With the title Herberge we, the artists of the producer gallery b2_ , would like to highlight the important role this form of artist-run-spaces and grassroot organisation plays in the cultural climate. Supplying the space and the freedom to develop new ideas and enhance our individual artistic practices in a sustainable way. Herberge is an old medieval word, which reverences to ‚accommodate somebody‘ giving shelter and protection for the night. A herberge keeps us warm. It provides food. It is also a place for unexpected encounters, a possibility to meet people from around the world, a place for vision and exchange.

Verena Winkelmann
1998−2000, 2021 #61
Archival Inkjet Print
120,7 x 80,6 cm
Caroline Hake
Video, 2 Min. 15 Sek.
left: Anna M. Kempe, 2585 km, 2021, Watercolour on Paper, 100 x 100 cm und Shared Time, 2020, Watercolour on Paper, 100 x 100 cm
top: Christian Bär, Ich wollte, 2022, oil on canvas, 190 x 190cm
right: Bea Meyer, Seilungen #1−10, 2022, Different materials as found, 120–230 cm
Katharina Immekus
Silvester, 2021
Linocut, Edition 5
95 x 135 cm
Michael Hahn
Four Steps To Success, 2018
wood, paint, carpet, cart
110 x 180 x 160 cm
Tobias Hild
Der Kai, 2021
oil on canvas
121 x 91 cm
Doris Frohnapfel
Spreader 2, Brush drawing, sepia ink on half cardboard, 168 x 118,7 cm
Spreader 3, 168 x 118,7 Brush drawing, sepia ink on half cardboard,168 x 118,7 cm
Spreader 1, Brush drawing, sepia ink on half cardboard, 168 x 118,7 cm
Katharina Immekus, Häuser am Hang, Edition 10, 2020, Linocut, 100 x 140 cm
right wall: Heide Nord
Ständige Signale: Cosmic Guide, 2021, Fine Art Print, 59,4×39,6cm
Ständige Signale: Lonely Planet, 2021, Fine Art Print, 59,4×39,6cm
Ständige Signale: Cosmic Butterfly Klein, 2021, Fine Art Print, 59,4×39,6cm
left: Michael Hahn, Total Comfort, 2019, foam mat, door handle, 50 x 180 x 60 cm
center left: Heide Nord, Ständige Signale: Empfänger 2, 2021, Fine Art Print, 59,4×39,6cm
center right: Romy Julia Kroppe, Cretaceum, 2021, acrylic, acrylic transfer, paper, 212 x 270 cm
Timo Hinze
Freiheit oder Motivation? 2017– ?
14 Fotografien, Inkjet Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag
32−47 cm und 22−32 cm
Timo Hinze
Post It, 2018–2020
Video, 25 min
in front: Anna Vovan, Self in Letters (L1), 2021, 190 pages printing on letterhead (90 gr) 29,7×21 cm, 5+2 AP
at the back: Christian Bär, eine Blume für Herrn B., 2017, oil on canvas, 190 x 140cm
Verena Winkelmann hosting the talk between Steffen Håndlykken (UKS), Hilde Tørdal (TKS) and Heide Nord & Christian Bär (Galerie b2) discussing artist organization in Norway vs Germany